Call for proposals for the joint usage/research of RCNP

Research Center for Nuclear Physics, Osaka University solicits new proposals for the joint usage/research. For extending its function as the International Joint Usage/Research Center, RCNP offers its resources for the promotion of novel researches in the nuclear physics and related fields. Resources opened for the Joint Usage/Research are summarized in three categories as follows. In addition to the listed resources, new ideas of other useful resources and the combined use of the resources are greatly welcome. Detail of the call is linked here.

  1. Use of RCNP facilities
    ex. LEPS/LEPS2, Kamioka underground labs,high performance computing system, and low energy ion beams from ion sources

  2. Use of RCNP properties at other institutions
    ex. Ge detectors and particle detectors
  3. @
  4. Technical support for experiments at other institutions
    ex. Muon science and detector technologies

  5. Please contact the RCNP usersf office for the detail.