We ask participants in experiments and researches at RCNP to fill out the application form,
and return it to us by postal mail. We would like it submitted at the beginning of the fiscal year.
You can also submit it when your collaboration begins, whenever this is in the fiscal year.

Participants in experiments at RCNP also need to register with the Radiation control room.

The following people need to submit an application form.

Paticipants in experiments and researches at the Cyclotron facility,
  the Lazer-Electron-Photon facility, and the Oto Cosmo Observatory

Participants in other experiments and researches done at RCNP

Participants in Workshop organized/cosponsored by RCNP

RCNP super computer users


◆ 「Subject」
Please fill in the name of the approved subject in which you are involved.
If you are involved in more than one subject, fill in the main one.

◆ 「Place」
If you will be at several places, please check all of them.

◆ 「Contact person」
Please fill in the name of the leader of the research subject.

  Application Form for a Cooperative Researcher (doc.)

Information for additional participants after approval

If you have any question or concerns about this, please contact us.

E-mail to: RCNP Research Planning Group

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