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History of Nuclear Physics Research at Osaka University

1931 Osaka Imperial University was founded. The first president was Hantaro Nagaoka (famous for Saturnian Model of the Atom)
1933 School of Science was founded. Hideki Yukawa got a post of lecturer.
Construction of a Cockcroft-Walton accelerator started (Masashi Kikuchi).
1935 Dr. Hideki Yukawa published the first paper on the meson theory.
Construction of a cyclotron started (Masashi Kikuchi).
1937 Construction of a cyclotron completed.
1940 Construction of a van de Graaff accelerator started (Tetsuo Wakatsuki and Koji Fushimi).
1955 Laboratory of Nuclear Studies has been founded under school of science.

History of Research Center for Nuclear Physics

1962 Science Council of Japan exhorted the government to found a laboratory of nuclear physics.
1971 Research Center for Nuclear Physics was founded as a collaboration research center of the nuclear physics community. The first director was Shotaro Yamabe.
1973 Construction of the AVF cyclotron completed.
1976 Collaboration research experiments started.
1985 Cyclotron cascade project was planned.
1987 Construction of the RING cyclotron started.
1991 Construction of the RING cyclotron completed.
1997 Oto Cosmo Observatory was constructed.
2000 Laser Electron Photon beam line at SPring-8 (LEPS) was constructed.
2005 Upgrade of the injector cyclotron completed.



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