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Message from the Director

Takashi Nakano
Director of RCNP


RCNP is a national research center for nuclear physics research both from the experimental and theoretical sides.                        

The aim is to promote and perform world-level research in nuclear and particle physics using advanced accelerators and related facilities to answer basic questions such as “Why are quarks permanently confined in a nucleon?” “How neutrons and protons constitute nucleus?” and “How was the universe born and formed?”

The current major experimental activities are: (1) studies of static and dynamic properties of nuclei by using a high resolution proton and heavy-ion beams form the Ring Cyclotron, (2) studies of the quark and gluon properties in a nucleon by using a high-energy polarized photon beam at the Laser-Electron Photon facilities (LEPS and LEPS2) at SPring-8, and (3)studies on neutrinos and the dark matter of the universe at Kamioka Double Beta Decay Laboratory.


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