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Accelerator research group of RCNP are performing the following works: 1. operation and maintenance of the cyclotron facility, 2. improvements of the cyclotron facility, and 3. theoretical and experimental studies of accelerators.

(1) Operation of the cyclotron facility

The RCNP cyclotron facility is equipped with a RING cyclotron as the main accelerator and an AVF cyclotron as an injector. They are operated twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, i.e. continuously. Our group are making efforts to provide very high-quality beams in a stable condition in cooperation with operators of the Sumiju Accelerator Service (SAS) company.

(2) Maintenance of the cyclotron facility

Our group make maintenances of the cyclotron facility in cooperation with operators. Long term maintenances are performed twice in a year in addition to the ordinary one. Low failure rate is realized together with introduction of new technologies.

(3) Realization of highly stable magnetic field by temperature control of the cooling water

We found and proved the importance of the temperature stability of the iron of the accelerator magnets. The temperature stability has been realized by a very-precise control of the cooling water temperature. We succeeded in accelerating highest quality beams in the world in a stable condition for more than two weeks.

(4) Upgrade project of the injector AVF cyclotron

Upgrade project of the injector cyclotron has been carried out in the fiscal year of 2004. Radio-Frequency (RF) acceleration system was improved, and flat-topping technique of the RF was applied. Further high quality beams are continuously pursued.

(5) Developments of accelerator elements

New accelerator elements, for examples, high-stability power supplies, high-quality electromagnets, and RF acceleration cavities of asynchronized type, are studied and tested for possible next-generation accelerators at RCNP.

(6) Theoretical development of a new accelerator description model

New and precise theoretical treatment of the beam orbit and acceleration in accelerators is studied.

Ring Cyclotron

AVF Cyclotron


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