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Graduate school:

We are a collaborating institute of the physics department of graduate school of science.

Entering the graduate course:

If you wish to study at RCNP, please indicate in the application form one of the following research group of RCNP; (1) Nuclear physics experiment, (2) Quark-nuclear physics theory and (3) accelerator physics. Graduate students belong to either one of the three groups.

(1)Nuclear physics experiment
   *after the entrance, choose one of the following three groups
          Cyclotron experiments
          Laser-electron photon experiment
          Oto-cosmo observatory and nuclear-astro physics
(2) Quark-nuclear physics theory
(3) Accelerator physics

How to enter:
    Information from the graduate course of science
    Information from physics department (past examinations) (in Japanese)

Lectures delivered by staff members of RCNP:

Particle-nuclear spectroscopy
Advanced high energy physics
Advanced nuclear physics
An introduction to nuclear theory

Graduate course (2005):

Master course, 10 students
Doctor sourse, 18 students

Students activities (2004):

Oral presentations in domestic workshops, 7 papers
Oral presentations in international conferences, 16 papers
Academic journals, 22 papers
      List of Master Theses
      List of Doctor Theses


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