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For Students

Today, nano-technology and biology are the two popular fields of science. It is the physics in the scale of nanometer, the length of@about 10 atoms placed on a straight line, where we aim at controling matter of about 1000 atoms.

There are over a hundred kinds of atoms. In the core of atoms, a nucleus exists. The nucleus is then composed of protons and neutrons. Since the protons carry electric charge, the number of the@protons in the nucleus determines the number of electrons of the atom and consequently its chemical properties.

Now let us ask questions like; what are the properties of nuclei; how can we control them; why nuclei and hence the matter look like as they are, and so on. The purpose of the nuclear physics is to answer such questions.

Now, it makes sense to contrast the questions of nuclear physics with those of nano-technology. In the latter the leading role is played by atoms, while in the former by nuclei. The energy scale for reactions among atoms is typically of order of electronvolts, while nuclear reactions occur at the energy scale of mega-electronvolts. In temperature, the electronvolts are about 10,000 degrees in units of centigrade. This looks very high, but it is still possible to handle with the present technology. However, the energy of mega-electronvolts for the nuclear world which amounts to about a million times higher in temperature than the atomic world is far beyond our control.

On the other hand, we know that the sun produces energy through the nuclear fusion which is the source of the energy of the earth. It is perhaps once again difficult to handle this energy, no matter how well we understand the nuclear physics. But this could be precisely the reason that makes us scientists modest in front of the nature. This fact is then also the reason that makes the natural science attractive and makes us listen to the words from the nature.

In RCNP, having a large experimental facilities and supercomputer, researchers are studying to figure out the face of the nature. It is made possible by having the curiosity in the natural phenomena and the will that we want to understand and solve the questions arising from there. Answering to the questions one by one makes progress of the natural science.


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