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Osaka University has been selected as one of the thirteen Universities to lead Japan's Internationalization under the Global 30 Project for Establishing Core Universities for Internationalization which has been pioneered by Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. The project seeks to select Japan's best performing universities and transform them into world-leading, world-renowned institutions that are able to foster a new generation of Japanese graduates with an international perspective, and international graduates familiar and fluent with everything Japanese.

As a G30 University, Osaka University is able to offer international students specific advantages, including:

Our status as a G30 University means that Osaka University has both dedicated funding for its internationalization program, and strict targets to be met. These include increasing the annual enrollment of international exchange students from 1,455 in 2009 to 3000 by 2020. Equally, by 2020, we aim to achieve a non-Japanese faculty ratio of at least 7%. Being chosen as a G30 University requires Osaka University to always be thinking about how we can incorporate more international students into our programs and activities and encourage a stronger international perspective in our education and research.

Our international approach is not limited to discrete departments or faculty, but is a defining characteristic of the entire University.
You can read more about the objectives behind the G30 Project here and more about why Osaka University was selected here.

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