International conference on the structure of baryons


Dec. 7-11, 2010, Osaka, Japan

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1.   Brief description

The series of the international conference BARYONS' started in 1970 at Duke University, and since then it has been held every three years in important cities in the world.  This time, the 12th one is going to be held in Osaka, Japan.  We intend to discuss the structure of baryons and related subjects in particle, nuclear and astrophysics.  The main issues that will be addressed are the structure and reactions of baryons (hadrons) from the fundamental theory of the strong interaction, Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), where highly non-perturbative phenomena of quark confinement, mass generation and spontaneous breaking of chiral symmetry occur.  We shall also discuss recent developments of new and forthcoming facilities in the world.  We encourage participation of young scientists including students and postdocs.

2.  Topics

• Spectroscopy

 Light/heavy flavor hadrons, Resonances, Exotics, Pentaquarks, Tetraquarks, Hadronic molecules, etc

• Hadron Interactions

 Meson-meson, meson-baryon and baryon-baryon interactions, Anti-proton interactions, etc.

• Electromagnetic and weak interactions

 Photo and electro productions of hadrons, P and CP-violating processes in nucleons and nuclei, etc

• Hadrons at finite density and temperature

 The QCD vacuum, Chiral symmetry, Hadron properties, QGP, Heavy ion collisions, etc

• Structure of hadrons

 Form Factors, Structure Functions, Generalized Parton Distributions, Fragmentation functions, etc

• Recent Approaches to non-perturbative QCD

 AdS/CFT correspondence, Lattice gauge theory, Effective field theories, etc

  1. New Facilities

  2. Other related topics

3.  Conference site

Convention center, Suita Campus, Osaka University


4.  Scientific program

Plenary talks:

We will organize plenary sessions which would focus on summarizing, reviewing and looking into future prospects of the above mentioned topics.


We will hold parallel sessions for which we strongly encourage as many contributions as possible.   We will also arrange a poster session for discussions needed not only (exclusively) by poster presenters but also by those who give an oral presentation, but need more time for discussions.

5.  Registration and submission of contribution papers

Please use the indico system for these purposes.

The registration fee:

   20,000 yen (10,000 yen for students)

   payable on site by cash

6.  Support

Some local and travel support is available, though our budget is rather limited.

7. Proceedings

We plan to publish the proceedings.

8. Deadlines:

Contributions: Oct. 27, 2010

Registration:   October 31, 2010

                       If you apply for support or visa, October 9, 2010

9.  Contact

baryons [ ], [ ] = @

Supported by

Research center for Nuclear Physics (RCNP), Osaka university

Research grant by MEXT, New Hadrons

Organizing Committee:

Jung Keun Ahn (Pusan)

Atsushi Hosaka (Chair: RCNP, Osaka)

Tetsuo Hyodo (TITech)

Daisuke Jido (YITP, Kyoto)

Hyun-Chul Kim (Inha, Incheon)

Tadafumi Kishimoto (RCNP, Osaka)

Shunzo Kumano (KEK)

Tomofumi Nagae (Kyoto)

Takashi Nakano (Co-chair: RCNP, Osaka)

Hiroyuki Noumi (RCNP, Osaka)

Makoto Oka (TITech)

Toru Sato (Osaka)

Hajime Shimizu (Tohoku)

Hideo Suganuma (Kyoto)

International Advisory Committee

Mauro Anselmino (University of Torino)

Nicola Bianchi (INFN)

Jean-Paul Blaizot (ECT, Trento)

Stanley J. Brodsky (SLAC)

Volker Burkert (Jefferson Lab)

Lawrence S. Cardman (Jefferson Lab)

Thomas D. Cohen (University of Maryland)

Dmitri Diakonov (St. Petersburg)

Kees de Jager (Jefferson Lab)

Enzo DeSanctis (INFN)

Rolf Ent (Jefferson Lab)

Donald F. Geesaman (Argonne National Lab)

Michel Guidal (IPN Orsay)

Ken'ichi Imai (Kyoto University)

Robert L. Jaffe (MIT )

Tord Johansson (Uppsala University)

Robert Klanner (Hamburg University)

Teiji Kunihiro (Kyoto)

Alain Magnon (CEA Saclay)

Jacques Martino (SUBATECH, Nantes)

Volker Metag (Giessen University)

Chris Michael (Liverpool University)

Richard Milner (MIT)

Don-Pil Min (Seoul)

Piet Mulders (Vrije University)

Shoji Nagamiya (KEK)

Marciej A. Nowak (Jagiellonian University)

Bernard Pire (Ecole Polytechnique)

Dan-Olof Riska (Helsinki Institute of Physics)

Yoshihide Sakai (KEK)

Andrew Sandorfi (Jefferson Lab, USA)

Peter Senger (GSI)

Jacques Soffer (CPT Marseille)

Horst Stacker (Frankfurt)

Hans Stroher (COSY/GSI)

Anthony W. Thomas (Jefferson Lab)

Hiroshi Toki (RCNP Osaka)

Marc Vanderhaeghen (Mainz)

Wolfram Weise (University of Munich)

Anthony G. Williams (University of Adleaide)

Shin Nan Yang (Taiwan)

Bing Song Zou (IHEP, Beijing)


  1. ViñetaInformation on the conference proceedings now available.

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