CAGRA Project

CAGRA project

■CAGRA (Clover Array Gamma-ray spectrometer at RCNP/RIBF for Advanced research)

CAGRA project constructs a Compton suppressed Germanium clover array (CAGRA) bya U.S.-Japan colllaboration. It will provide many physics opportunities andstrongly enhance the scientific output from the experimental program at RCNP.High-precision capabilities of existing devices at RCNP can be combined withultra-high precision gamma-decay measurements to gain access to observables atan unprecedented level of detail. Three experimental sites are foreseen: at theEN beam line, where beams of rare isotopes are available; the Grand RandenSpectrometer, where high-precision coincidence experiments utilizing light-ionreactions can be performed; and the muon beam facility (MuSIC) at RCNP. A widevariety of important scientific questions will be addressed, such as thedetailed nature of Phygmy dipole and Gamov-Teller resonances, theshell-evolution across the chart of nuclei, searches for superdeformed states,as well as astrophysical applications.