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 RCNP Cyclotron Facility (RCF) is a national Joint Usage/Research Center being open for all rsearches in Japan and in the world to promote nuclear science as well as application researches using particle accelerators. RCF is equiped with a K140 AVF Cyclotron and a K400 Ring Cyclotron having capavility to accelerate spin polarized and unpolarized proton beams up to 400 MeV. Heavy ions are also availabe with energies up to 100 AMeV. These beams are used directly for experiments as primary beams and are also used to produce secondary beams such as fast quasi-monoenergetic and white neutrons, radioactive (neutron/proton rich) nuclear beams, and muon beams. With these beams, various research subjects in the fields of nuclear physics, fundamental physics, engineering, nuclear chemistry, and nuclear medicine are conducted. Being a national Joint Usage/Research Center, RCF promotes these researches strongly in collaboration with various groups from universities and institutes in Japan and overseas. Student experiments for Osaka University and other universities are also performed.

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