Data Acquisition (DAQ) System


New DAQ system (by Uchida)

The VME modules controlling ADC(FERA) and TDC(3377) modules for the spectrometers, Grand Raiden and LAS, and for the beam line polarimeters and transferring data to the high speed memory were renewed at 2004. The new operation system is based on the user friendly UNIX. This manual includes the procedures how to initialize and run the ADC and TDC modules.



The TamiDAQ system, an older DAQ system, provides the framework of the current DAQ system for Grand Raiden, LAS, and the beam line polarimeter. A very high-speed data taking was achieved by this system.


Trigger System (in Japanese)

The trigger circuit is controlled by the Universal Logic Module consisting of the field programmable gate-array (FPGA) chips. Several sets of the circuits are prepared, which covers most experiments using Grand Raiden or LAS. Individual experiments need to select the proper set.