Motivations and Objectives:

  The 7th Yamada workshop on RISE18 aims to discuss new results and progresses on current RI science frontiers with active scientists from nuclear physics, RI chemistry, life science and nuclear medicine, and to promote further developments of RI science by new inputs and exchanges of active scientists over relevant science fields.
  New science frontiers are developed by using intense RIs produced by various nuclear reactions and high sensitivity radiation detectors.
  Molecule-base analyses of interactions of radiations (electrons and photons) in biological objects and effects of ionizing radiations are discussed from microscopic viewpoints of physics, chemistry, and biology.


1. Particle, nuclear and astro-nuclear physics with RIs and ν,β, and γ rays
2. Mechanism of RI productions by nuclear, photo-nuclear and meson-capture reactions
3. Nuclear medicine frontiers with new SPECT and PET RIs and radiation detectors
4. Biological processes studied by new RI probes
5. Interactions of ionizing radiations; RBE in terms of Gy, LET, ED and ND of ions and active oxygen molecules
6. Molecular-base analyses of radiation effects and DNA mutation, transcription and repair, long non-cording RNA
7. Physics, chemistry and biology associated with external and internal RI radiations

Icho Kaikan, Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University
--> Access Map; Bldg.11

Key Dates:

March 2, 2018 : Deadline for registration and accommodation
March 16-17, 2018 : RISE18 workshop

International Advisors:
Hiro Ejiri (RCNP): Particle and nuclear physics
Atsushi Shinohara (Osaka) Nuclear chemistry
Jun Hatazawa (Osaka) Nuclear medical science
Chary Rangacharyulu (Saskatchewan) Nuclear science
Tokushi Shibata (Chiyoda Technol) RI science
Masahiro Shirakawa (Kyoto) Molecular life science
Yoshiharu Yonekura (QST) Nuclear medicine
Kai Zuber (TU Dresden) Nuclear and particle physics

Mitsuhiro Fukuda (RCNP, co-chair)
Hiroo Nakajima (Faulty of Medicine, Osaka University, co-chair)
Tatsushi Shima (RCNP, co-chair)