Job opening at RCNP, Osaka University


Director Prof. Tadafumi Kishimoto


1.  Title and number of openings:  Associate professor, 1 person.
2.  Job description: RCNP (Research Center for Nuclear Physics) in Osaka University
    is operating the ring cyclotron and the laser-electron photon facilities open to worldwide users.
    It has been appointed as a Joint Usage / Research Center for Subatomic Science authorized
    by Monbukagakusho (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).  
    RCNP is responsible for education of graduate students as a Cooperative member of 
    Graduate School of Science, Osaka University. The successful candidate is expected to 
    lead the research program of the experimental nuclear physics and the detector developments
    at the ring cyclotron facility.
3.  Term: No limit until the retirement age. The position can be started as soon as possible
    after official acceptance (date may be negotiated).
4.  Application materials: 
(1) Curriculum vitae
(2) Research experience
(3) Publication list
(4) Copies of major publications (maximum up to five items)
(5) Your aspirations after you are employed in RCNP
(6) One recommendation or two reference letters
These should be sent to the address below by regular mail.
5.  Application deadline:  No later than noon of February 20 (Monday), 2012.  
6.  Application to be mailed to and contact at: 
    Director Prof. Tadafumi Kishimoto
    Research Center for Nuclear Physics
    Osaka University
    Mihogaoka 10-1, Ibaraki
    567-0047, Japan
      Tel: +81-6-6879-8900
7.  Others:
(1) Scientist at RCNP is expected to change his/her affiliation after a certain period of time. 
    The aforementioned period is seven years for this position.
(2) For more details of RCNP: