RCNP-Z-562 May 23, 1996 RCNP (Research Center for Nuclear Physics) in Osaka University Research Position of Associate Professor Experimental Nuclear Physics RCNP(Research Center for Nuclear Physics) in Osaka University has an opening of an Associate Professor in experimental nuclear physics. Applications and/or recommendations are invited for the position with the following terms. RCNP in Osaka University is the national research center for nuclear physics in Japan. The research programs underway are the nucleons/mesons nuclear physics using the Ring Cyclotron facilities (0.4 GeV polarized protons, K=0.4GeV light ion beams), the quark-nuclear physics using multi-GeV polarized photons through laser-electron back-scattering from 8 GeV electrons of SPring-8, and the lepton-nuclear physics at the underground laboratory of Oto-Cosmo Observatory. The Associate Professor is expected to be a key scientist for R&D and experiments of the quark-nuclear physics using multi-GeV polarized photons. The period of the appointment is 5-7 years. Required are curriculum vitae, brief history of research career, publication list, the candidate's research program with multi-GeV photons, and two letters of references/recommendation. Applications/recommendations should reach RCNP no later than 29 July, 1996. Correspondence: Director, Prof. Hiroyasu EJIRI Research Center for Nuclear Physics (RCNP), Osaka University 10-1 Mihogaoka, Ibaraki, Osaka 567, Japan Tel: +81-6-879-8900

Last Update: July 5th, 1996