Osaka University

Information of the RCNP Guest House


 EFor staying at the RCNP Guest house, it is necessary for you to understand@the following rules.


1.      How to apply

If you wish to apply for a stay, please submit the request form to the Research-Cooperation Division at least 3 days before the date you would like to stay, through the contact person.




Contact person


Joint user

Sponsor at RCNP


Inviting person at RCNP

Seminar speakers and Persons attending seminars

Inviting person at RCNP

Committee members and Persons attending committee

Inviting person at RCNP

Other Divisions at

 Osaka University


Director or Chief of the  Divisions


Person with the permission of the Director of RCNP

Person who is authorized

by the Director of RCNP


2.      Fee

1,000 yen per night.

Fees are not refundable and need to be paid in advance, latest at 4:00 pm of the day of arrival.icash onlyj


3.      Number of Rooms and capacities

21 rooms, 30 people

For questions, send e-mail to



4.      Terms

You need to renew your stay weekly, the maximum stay is approximately 30 days,

depending on the month, check in advance.


5.      Blackout days

Not available from 28 Dec to 04 Jan.

E    We reserve the right to cancel your room when we have experiments or

conferences at RCNP.


6.      For applications and any questions, please call 06-6879-8904

                            @             06-6879-8899(fax)


send an e-mail to administration.research-cooperation"@"