J-PARC Hadron Experimental Facility has been constructed in its size as half as the original plan and has started its beam operations. The users have been discussing to realize the extension of the Hadron Experimental Facility since the begining of the construction.

The Hadron Experimental Facility -- present and future

The current Hadron Experimental facility corresponds to the left part of the picture. The size of the current hall is as half as that of the one in the 3D image. The 30GeV primary proton beam from the Main Ring (MR) is bombereded on a production target (T1), and produced secondary particles are transported to secondary beam lines (K1.8, K1.8BR, and KL). A fraction of the primary proton beam is transported into a primary proton beam line (High-p). The primary proton beam can also be transported to COMET. Hihg-p beam line finished its construction in 2019. The COMET beam line is being constructed.

The beam lines available (or soon to be avilable) are:

Extension Project of Hadron Experimental Facility

We plan to extend the hadron experimental facility, installing a new production target (T2) and building new secondary beam lines (K1.1/K1.1BR, HIHR, KL and K10).
The beam lines to be constructed are:

Focused Review

"Review of Hadron Experimental Facility Extension (HEF-EX)"(2021/8/10,11,17,25, online)

A review committee was formed under the J-PARC PAC and a focused review on the Hadron Experimental Facility extension project was held. Follow the link to get the review report.

HEF extention related presentations


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