Joint Workshop on Nuclear and Hadronic Physics
August 17(Wed) - 21(Sun), 2016
RIKEN, Wako, Japan


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This is 10th of the series of the workshop which have been organized by Korea/APCTP and Russia/JINR-BLTP. This time the workshop is organized for the first time in Japan. In this workshop, we discuss latest issues in nuclear and hadronic physics. We focus discussions on the subjects associated with the composite aspects in both and related fields, which include few-body nuclear systems, cluster dynamics in exotic nuclei, superheavy nuclei and their collective dynamics, multiquark hadrons with heavy quarks, hadrons under extreme conditions, and also subjects from atomic and molecular physics. Because these are the composite systems with correlations characteristic in each physical systems, their properties are strongly influenced by their environments. Therefore change in the properties of (particle) excitations is also discussed. Progresses due to recent developments of computational approach is also discussed including lattice QCD and ab initio methods of nuclear calculations.

Items to be discussed:

Style of the workshop:

All talks are arranged in plenary sessions. We expect enough discussions as well as their presentation. We encourage young scientists to apply for their presentations.

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