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The eduroam service is available at the whole area of RCNP including guest house, and about 670 APs in Osaka University.

Summary of eduroam

eduroam is network mutually operated by universities, research institutes, and other academic related organization for

eduroam is international service which allows this. Organization's own account can also of course be used on organization's own network.

For example if you have eduroam account issued by Kyoto University, you can use it without any additional procedures at Osaka University and RCNP. In other words,

Visitors at RCNP who acquire eduroam from their own organization beforehand
can use wireless network anywhere at RCNP without any additional procedures.

The opposite is also possible. If you have eduroam account from Osaka University or RCNP you can use eduroam at Kyoto Univeristy or other organizations without any additional procedures.

Participants (availability)

Osaka University as well as RCNP participate in eduroam.

Currently there are not that many organizations participating, and even if the organization is participating quite often the area where the service is available is insufficient. Following organizations are participating. (Only domestic participants are listed)

For complete list of organizations participating domestically, please refer to eduroam JP .
For international information and general information refer to

Remarks about the use.


When using eduroam, by design the login information you use to log in (your own organization's account) is stored on the other organization's network equipment. There are people who want/require higher privacy/security, for whom this would be unacceptable. If this is the case, NII provides an alias account service, which depending how you use it can decrease security risks. To find out how to use it refer to how to use "Federated ID Service" at the end of this page.

If you use RCNP's eduroam account at some other site you consent to recording of your account information. Also if you use eduroam inside RCNP you consent to recording your account information at RCNP.

ODINS also records information in same manner as explained above.

Remarks regarding the recording of your account information, in other words storing the login event in a log file. Usually this means recording only your account name, not your password. Usually on most sites your password is not stored, but on some sites for whatever reason if the password is stored, even if it's stored encrypted, we can't guarantee that under no circumstances it won't get compromised.

How to use at RCNP

At RCNP indoors you can use eduroam anywhere.
As long as you don't go to any weird place you should be able to use it. The coverage is the same as for RCNP-GP. Also, excluding the main buildings roof top, the leaked signals might reach the rooftops, don't assume it will work perfectly, but there might be just strong enough signal. Places where you can't use it In SPring-8, You can use the eduroam operated by SPring-8 in many places.


SSID : eduroam

Supported protocols

IEEE 802.11a, b, g, n
However some small areas don't support 11a.

RCNP doesn't issue eduroam accounts separately. Normal RCNP account can be used to access eduroam as it is. Even users who already have an account, can use eduroam without any additional procedures. At this time all users can use it. However group accounts can't be used.
RCNP's eduroam account's username and password are following

username : <miho's user name> eg.
password : miho's password
Miho is the name of the computing system at RCNP. This is the login information you use to login to any service at RCNP. To get the eduroam account name you add after your username. (latter is so called realm or domain)

For authentication IEEE802.1X is used. In some cases you can simply select the ssid and when promted enter your username and password, however if this doesn't work refer to links below. When following these instructions remember to add the domain name after your username.

Automated install tool for Windows
Manual install for Windows and Mac OS X (Remember to substitute the RCNP-GP with eduroam and add the domain name to your username)

If these don't work or your operating system is not listed you can refer to

eduroam's JP website (in Japanese) Under "利用者向け情報" you can find different operating systems listed.
eduroam cat

On RCNP's eduroam you can do following

Only these protocols are allowed, other protocols can't be used.
Mail protocols that don't use encryption can't be used.
There might be some VPN services which won't work.

When connected to eduroam inside RCNP you can use printers installed at RCNP.

Inside RCNP all participating organizations account holders can use eduroam. The eduroam can also of course be used with Osaka University's personal ID eudroam account.

Using ODINS's eduroam

Announcement for start of ODINS's eduroam can be found here.

In short (excluding RCNP) there are around 600 ODINS wireless access points inside the campus, which all can be used to connect to eduroam. These can be used with any eduroam account (international and domestic).


SSID : eduroam

For user related to Osaka University, the eduroam account is their Osaka University personal ID(大阪大学個人ID)+ domain. Example is shown below.

username : <Personal ID>
password : Password for personal ID
Remember to add the domain part so you won't have trouble, add after your personal ID.

To use ODINS's eduroam account, separate procedure is necessary. Login to MyHandai, click eduroam LOGO, please apply. Be aware that, after submitting the application it might take up to 4 business days for you to be able to use eduroam.

ODINS's eduroam and RCNP's eduroam

Seamless use

All participating organizations members can use other organizations eduroam networks. This includes ODINS's eduroam.

Both RCNP's and ODINS's eduroam use the same SSID(eduroam) and have exactly same network settings. This means that if you set up settings for one of them you can use the other one without making any additional changes.

Also if you visit other participating organizations, usually they also use eduroam as their SSID, and you can use your old settings as they are, to access internet via eduroam.

access restrictions

When using ODINS's eduroam with Osaka University personal ID, there is no access restrictions to resources on campus network. However usually many departments restrict access from outside the department and have additional authentication, in which case users will authenticate when trying to access the resources. This is same when using odins-wlan.

Campus network resources are also restricted when using other IDs (including RCNP's eduroam accounts)(allowed protocols are same as for RCNP's eduroam) To restrict outsiders from accessing campus network resources, even RCNP account's are restricted in same way.

For the same reason no matter which eduroam account you use on RCNP's eduroam the access is restricted. These restrictions shouldn't create problems for normal use.

eduroam and odins-1x, odins-visitor-1x, odins-wlan、odins-visitor-wlan

Users of odins-wlan and odins-1x, let's switch to eduroam.
The operation of odins-wlan and odins-visitor-wlan is finished in RCNP. And will be finished in ODINS in the near future.

When comparing eduroam and odins-1x, the settings/setup, access restrictions, available access points at Osaka University are all exactly the same, there is no difference between the two. However odins-1x service is only available at campus, when eduroam is also available places outside campus. By switching from odins-1x to eduroam there is the benefit of being able to use at locations besides campus of the Osaka University, there are no negatives for switching.

At RCNP odins-wlan is finished, and odins-1x does not exist. eduroam is superior compatible service to odins-1x, if you switch from odins-wlan to eduroam you will gain following benefits. Only negative side is that you have to configure the settings.

eduroamodins-1xodins-wlan abolished odins-visitor-1xodins-visitor-wlan abolished
authenticationIEEE802.1XIEEE802.1Xweb authentication IEEE802.1Xweb authentication
encryption yes yes no yes no
security high high low high low
connecting After first setup, just works After first setup, just works When connecting requires user login After first setup, just works When connecting requires user login
Inside RCNP everywhere no no no no
University Campus 600 APs 600 APs 600 APs 600 APs 600 APs
availability outside campus possible no no no no
usable accounts Osaka University personal ID
RCNP Account
other eduroam account
NII visitor account
NII alias account
Osaka University personal ID Osaka University personal ID Osaka University visitor ID Osaka University visitor ID
Access restrictions to inside campus When using Osaka University Personal ID, none
when using other accounts, yes
no no yes yes
Access restrictions to outside campus yes yes yes yes yes