SNP School 2017
December 14(Thu) - 17(Sat), 2017
J-PARC, Tokai, Ibaraki, Japan

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Application deadlines

If you wish financial support: September 30, 2017
If you need VISA: October 20, 2017
All participants: November 20, 2017

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First Announcement

International School for Strangeness Nuclear Physics
( SNP School 2017 )
December 14th, Thursday to 16th, Saturday, 2017
at J-PARC, Tokai, JAPAN

We are pleased to announce that the SNP School 2017 will take place at J-PARC, Tokai, JAPAN, from December 14th to 16th, 2017 hosted by J-PARC, RCNP-Osaka, ELPH-Tohoku, APCTP, ASRC JAEA, ANPhA, RIKEN Nishina Center and GP-PU of Tohoku Univ. This is the sixth one of a series of SNP schools, which were held in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 in both Tokai (J-PARC) and Sendai (Tohoku University).

This year, the school is organized as a pre/post-workshop event of international workshops:

We encourage young scientists who intend to participate in Reimei WS and HNP2017 to join the SNP School 2017 as well and to present their research activities at the young researchers°« session.

The school will have several lectures and topical talks on strangeness nuclear physics as well as other general subjects such as hadron physics and cold atom physics, which are expected to play central roles in the 21st century nuclear physics research at accelerator facilities for hadron beams such as J-PARC (Japan), GSI and FAIR (Germany), RCNP (Japan) and for electron beams as CEBAF at Jefferson Lab (USA), MAMI-C at Mainz University (Germany) and ELPH at Tohoku University (Japan) etc. Lectures by leading physicists will overview related subjects both from experiment and theory, and topical talks on recent progress and future prospects of the fields will be also given. The tour to visit accelerator facility of J-PARC is planned as a part of the school. In addition, the school will organize a °»young researchers°« session°… to give a chance of presentations by young participants. We encourage you to present your research activities in this session as well as to enjoy the lectures.

Expected Lecturers and titles (tentative): Details of the SNP School 2017 will be announced later and on the web.

Best regards,
Satoshi N. Nakamura and Atsushi Hosaka
Chairs of SNP School 2017

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