Gamma15: Frontier of gamma-ray spectroscopy

First Announcement

An international symposium on the “Frontier of γ-ray spectroscopy” (Gamma15) will be held at Osaka University from October 1st to 3rd, 2015 following SUNFLOWER Workshop to be held on September 30 at the same venue.

This is the fifth in a series of meetings held in 2011 (Gamma11), 2008 (Gamma08), 2004 (Gamma04), and 2001 (Gamma01). The purpose of the symposium is to discuss recent progress and future perspectives of γ-ray spectroscopy, as well as recent development of advanced γ-ray detectors, including GRETINA in the US and AGATA in Europe. In Japan, successful experiments have been performed at RIBF with DALI2/MINOS, while at RCNP the CAGRA project is ongoing and the development of a segmented HPGe detector with tracking capabilities has been initiated. It is foreseen that new projects will be launched in China and Korea. We hope that the symposium will provide an stimulating environment to discuss new ideas and to further enhance the international collaboration in the field of nuclear-structure studies.

The program will include a number of invited talks as well as presentations selected from the submitted contributions. Detailed information about the symposium will be provided in the next announcement. Updates and latest news will also be available at the symposium web site,

Organizing Committee

Symposium Site

The symposium site is Σ Hall, Engineering Science International Building, Toyonaka Campus, Osaka University.

Important Dates

Host and Cosponsors

This symposium is hosted by RCNP, Osaka University and cosponsored by RIKEN Nishina Center and Center for Nuclear Study, University of Tokyo. 


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