The curriculum is composed of class learning and of research activity in the group of your supervisor, namely in the research group in which you have been accepted.

  In the Master's program, the minimum requirement over two years is 12 credits from classes and “topical seminars” (see table below) and 18 credits from "semestral seminars", which you obtain by carrying out your research activities in your group.

  In the PhD program, the minimum requirement over three years is 2 credits from “topical seminars" (see below) and 9 credits from carrying out research activities in your group.

  Note that this page is for general information purposes only. For details and the official rules and lists of courses, see the student manual.

Subject Credits Teacher Other Information
Computational Physics 2 Y. Sentoku and T. Sano Biennial
Condensed Matter Theory 2 K. Slevin Biennial
Cosmology 2 K. Nagamine Biennial
Electrodynamics and Quantum Mechanics 1 L. Baiotti These credits cannot be used to fulfil the requirements of graduation
High Energy Astrophysics 2 Y. Inoue Biennial
High Energy Physics 2 M. Aoki Biennial
Introduction to Theoretical Nuclear Physics 2 A. Hosaka Biennial
Nuclear Physics in the Universe 2 S. Ota
Optical Properties of Matter 2 S. Kimura and H. Watanabe Biennial
Quantum Field Theory I 2 T. Nishioka
Quantum Field Theory II 2 T. Onogi
Quantum Many-Body Systems 2 E. Minamitani Biennial
Radiation Science in the Environment 1 N. Aoi, M. Takahashi, M. Okada and A. Hosaka
Solid State Theory 2 K. Kuroki Biennial
Synchrotron Radiation Spectroscopy 2 S. Kimura Biennial
Theoretical Particle Physics 2 S. Kanemura
Topical seminar 1 changes every year Topical seminars are intensive courses spanning only a few days, with several hours of lectures in each day. Typically, two topical seminars are organised in each year. Check the student manual for details.
Japanese Language I 0 Courses of different levels have different teachers.  
Japanese Language II 0 Courses of different levels have different teachers.  

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