Scholarships and Financial Aid

Scholarships may be obtained from the Graduate School of Science of Osaka University or from private organizations (see links to the left) and local governments. Many graduate students also complement their income by working as research assistants (for PhD students) or teaching assistants (for Master students) at Osaka University (up to 100,000 yen/month). However, these scholarships are competitive because the financial resources are limited.

Note that applications for MEXT scholarships are completely separate from applications to the IPC. Students who have secured a MEXT scholarship are of course welcome to apply to the IPC. Students accepted in the IPC may apply for scholarships, including the MEXT scholarship, also after enrolment.

After enrolling, students may also apply for tuition-fee and/or entrance-fee exemption, or deferment/installment payments (see the official page).

Applicants are encouraged to ask the professor(s) of their choice about financial support.

The approximate cost of living for a foreign student may be itemized as follows:
(per month)
Communication and Transport ¥10,000
Food ¥40,000
Rent ¥40,000
Electricity, water, and gas ¥6,000
Insurance and Medical ¥4,000
Hobby and Entertainment ¥7,000
Other expenses ¥10,000
Total amount ¥117,000

Note that this excludes tuition and other univeristy fees, if due.
Also note that there may be substantial differences in expenses according to one's lifestyle, e.g. whether one lives alone in an apartment or shares it with others or lives in a dormitory, how much air conditioning is used, and, of course, how much is spent for leisure and other activities.

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