1.What are typical accommodation costs in Osaka?
2.What are typical living costs in Osaka?
See the bottom of our page on Scholarships and Financial Aid. Another useful source of information is the website of the Center for International Education and Exchange, which has been prepared to assist international students in pursuing their studies and research at Osaka University while enjoying their life here with a minimum of problems. The website contains information about the university, the administrative structure, as well as the various support services provided by the university, such as accommodation, financial aid, and more. In addition, it provides information on living in Japan, like health insurance, procedures related to medical treatment, residential status, public utilities, and more.
What kind of funding can be applied for?
There are various possibilities of funding and scholarships from our Graduate School of Science, from the Japanese government, and from private organizations. See our page on Scholarships and Financial Aid.
How long does it take to complete a PhD in Japan?
In general, it takes two years for the completion of a Master program and another three years for the completion of a PhD program.
1.Does the program consist in full-time research or are there any lectures?
2.Will there be any Japanese language courses available?
Students must obtain credits also from lecture courses. See the curriculum page. The International Student Center of Osaka University also provides a program of Japanese language lectures consisting of six stages according to the current Japanese language ability of the student. Download the booklet from the link to the right.
I took the TOEFL exam but it seems difficult to receive an official score certificate before the IPC application deadline. Is a screen copy of the results of the TOEFL iBT test acceptable?
A copy of the results is acceptable at the stage of application but the original copy of the official scores is required if admitted to the program.
Can I apply for the program before I finish my degree?
Will there be an entrance examination held in my country?
Yes, we can organise the examination in most countries.
What are the official transcripts of undergraduate work that I should present? Is it the full thesis that I have written for my undergraduate project or just a letter to prove that I have done it?
Official transcripts refers to an official college document that shows a list of your classes and the scores you received.
What are the main career paths of the IPC graduates?
Approximately one-third remain in academia in Japan, one-fourth go to industry in Japan and most of the others return to their home countries. Most of the graduates who remain in academia stay initially at Osaka University (about three quarters), but some went to the Institute of Applied Materials Science and the National Institute for Quantum Science and Technology. Some of the companies where our graduates have found a job are (in alphabetical order): Fujimoto Sangyo, Denso Ten, Horiba, NTT, ONS, Pars Auto, Shimadzu, Skydisc, SNK.

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