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Plenary Program

Sep. 30

9:00-9:15Opening Ceremony
Chairperson: T. Kishimoto (Osaka)
H. Toki (Co-chairperson)
M. Miyanishi (Vice-President of Osaka University)
T. Isomura (Osaka City Mayer)
A. Thomas (IUPAP)
9:15-10:45Quark confinement and deconfinement
Chairperson: T.E.O. Ericson (CERN)
G. 't Hooft (Utrecht)"Confinement of quarks" (ps file)
J. Harris (yale)"Making Some Sense of the Quark-Gluon Quagmire at RHIC" (ps file)
Chairperson: B.K. Jain (Bombay)
U. Heinz (Ohio State)"The quark-gluon plasma at RHIC" (ps file)
A. Ukawa (Tsukuba)"Lattice QCD and hadrons" (ps file)

Oct. 1

9:00-10:45Nucleon structure and hadron interaction
Chairperson: B. Schoch (Bonn)
T. Yamazaki (RIKEN)"Hadron-nucleus bound-state spectroscopy" (pdf file)
E. Oset (Valencia)"Unitarized chiral perturbation theory of hadrons" (ps file)
K. de Jager (Jlab)"Nucleon form factors" (pdf file)
11:15-12:30Nuclear matter at high density
Chairperson: K. Yazaki (Tokyo Women Univ.)
G. Chanfray (Lyon)"Theoretical approaches to hadrons in nuclear matter" (ps file)
K. Rajagopal (MIT)"The Condensed Matter Physics of QCD" (ps file)

Oct. 2

9:00-10:30Flavored matter and astrophysics
Chairperson: P.D. Barnes (Los Alamos)
H. Tamura (Tohoku)"Matter with strangeness" (ps file)
M. Savage (Washington)"Effective theory and application to astrophysics" (ps file)
11:00-12:30Neutrino physics
Chairperson: Y. Suzuki (Tokyo)
K. Kaneyuki (ICRR, Univ. of Tokto)"Long baseline neutrino oscillation" (ps file)
A. McDonald (SNO)"Solar neutrinos" (ps file)
A. Suzuki (Tohoku)"KamLAND: Examination of the LMA solution with reactor neutrinos" (pdf file)
R. Hayano (Tokyo)"Production and Detection of Cold Antihydrogen Atoms" (ps file)

Oct. 3

9:00-10:30Hadron physics with leptons and hadrons
Chairperson: C. Carlson (Jlab)
H. Stroeher (Jeulich)"Hadron interactions at intermediate energies" (ps file)
T. Nakano (RCNP)"Recent results of LEPS at SPring-8" (ps file)
Z. Meziani (Temple Univ.)
"Polarized structure functions in the resonance and valence quark
regions and generalized GDH integral" (pdf file)
11:00-12:30Structure functions of nucleon
Chairperson: P. Hwang (Taiwan)
H. Jackson (Argonne)"Structure of Nucleon and Nuclei Studied by HERMES" (ps file)
J. Kodaira (Hiroshima)"Nucleon structure and QCD" (ps file)
H. En'yo (RIKEN)"Phyics with RHIC spin collider" (pdf file)

Oct. 4

9:00-10:30CP violation and rare K-decays
Chairperson: B. Vallage (CEA/DAPNIA/DSM/SPP)
S. Noguchi (Nara)"CP violation in B-meson decays" (ps file)
A. Konaka (TRIUMF)"What did we learn from recent rare K-decay experiments" (ps file)
11:00-12:30Precision frontier and beyond standard model
Chairperson: H. Ejiri (Osaka)
D. Hertzog (Illinois)"Standard model and muon g-2" (ps file)
E. Fiorini (Milano)"Search for double beta decay and dark matter" (ps file)
H. Abele (Heidelberg)"Neutron beta decay and the Standard Model" (ps file)
14:00-16:00Physics prospects with new facilities
Chairperson: S. Kullander (Uppsalla)
S. Nagamiya (KEK)"Physics prospects with high intensity proton accelerator at Tokai" (ps file)
E. Smith (Jefferson Lab.)"Physics prospects with Jlab upgrade" (ps file)
S. Aronson (BNL)"Future facilities for nuclear and particle physics at BNL" (pdf file)
W. Henning (GSI)"Future plans in Europe" (pdf file)