HUA meering at JPS Fall meeting
(September 19, 2019)
HUA meeting was held on September 17, 2019 at Yamagata University during JPS meeting. The followings are slides on the meeting.
Agenda etc.. (protected)
Report from DAQ working group (protected)
Report from facility (protected)
Current status and future prospects of SX operation at J-PARC (protected)
Write up document of "International workshop in the project for the extended hadron experimental facility of J-PARC" in arXiv
(June 7, 2019)
Write up document was published in arXiv (arXiv:1906.02357[nucl-ex]) This document coresponds to Part 2 of English edition of White Paper on the extention of Hadron Experimental Facility. Part 1 had been publihed as arXiv:1706:07916[nucl-ex].