HUA Master Thesis Award

Building a new experimental method to identify the Σ- p scattering events with a high intensity pion beam by Norina Fujioka (Tohoku University, in Japanese)
Development of a beam timing detector for the chamed baryon spectrscopy by Takuya Akaishi (Osaka University, in Japanese)
Development of trigger signal reaout system on a hadron-blind detector for electron-positiron pair measumrentr by Kazuki Suzuki (Kyoto University, in Japanese)

Development of the new circuit to readout MPPCs for the KOTO experiemnt by Yuta Sato (Osaka University, in Japanese)
Performance study of a new method to reduce neutron background events in KOTO experiment by Hayato Nishimiya (Osaka University, in Japanese)

Constrcution of a BGO Calorimeter System for the Σp scattering experiment by Michihiko Ikeda (Tohoku University, in Japanese)
Development of an aerogel Cherenkov counter for the Σp scattering experiment by Kazuya Kobayashi (Osaka University, in Japanese)

Development of acrylic Cherenkov counter in the KOTO experiment by Satoshi Shinohara (Kyoto University, in Japanese)

Development of a MPPC multi-channel readout system for the Σp scattering experiment by Takehiro Shiozaki (Tohoku University, in Japanese)

Design of the PID counter for charmed baryon spectroscopy experiment at J-PARC by Takumi Yamaga (Osaka University, in Japanese)
Production and performance test of the Inner Barel detector module for KOTO experiment by Takashi Toyoda (Osaka University, in Japanese)

Development of a High Refractive Index Aerogel Cherenkov Counter for the Spectroscopy of eta' Mesic Nuclei by Yoshiki Tanaka (University of Tokyo)
Development and performance evaluation of gamma-ray detector in downstream of calorimeter for KOTO experiment by Shintaro Banno (Osaka University, in Japanese)
Development of fiber detector for high intensity beam tracking at J-PARC by Yuki Matsumoto(Tohoku University, in Japanese)

Development of large area, high time resolution Resistive Plate Chambers by Natsuki Tomida (Kyoto University)

Performance evaluation of silicon drift detectors for a precision spectroscopy of kaonic Helium-3 X-rays by Tadashi Hashimoto (University of Tokyo)
Sigma-p scattering experiment with a proton measurement system of a multi-fiber tracking detector by Ryotaro Honda (Tohoku University, in Japanese)