These are planned or discussed research activity at J-PARC Hadron Hall.
  1. Measurement of X rays from Ξ- Atom
  2. Spectroscopic Study of Ξ-Hypernucleus, 12ΞBe, via the 12C(K-,K+) Reaction
  3. Measurement of T-violation Transverse Muon Polarization in K+→π0μ+ν Decays
  4. Systematic Study of Double Strangeness System with an Emulsion-counter Hybrid Method
  5. Gamma-ray spectroscopy of light hypernuclei
  6. Proposal for KL→π0νν Experiment at J-PARC
  7. A Search for deeply-bound kaonic nuclear states by in-flight 3He(K-,n) reaction
  8. Precision spectroscopy of Kaonic 3He 3d→2p X-rays
  9. High-resolution Search for Pentaquark in π-p→K-X Reactions