Three winners are selected as APFB-ANPhA award based on the grading.

1st place :
Yuki Kubota ( Institut für Kernphysik, Technische Universität Darmstadt   )
Title : Probing dineutron correlation in 11Li using the quasi-free (p,pn) reaction

2nd place :
Ahmad Jafar Arifi ( RCNP, Osaka University )
Title : Two-pion emission decay of Roper-like heavy baryons

3rd place :
Tian-Wei Wu (Beihang University)
Title : Study on multi-hadron bound states with Gaussian Expansion Method

Due to high competition, the following two presentations are selected as “APFB special award“.

–  Kosuke Itabashi (Tohoku University)
Title : Study of the nn\Lambda state and \Lambda n interaction at Jefferson Lab

–  Shinnosuke Nakai (Tohoku University)
Title : Measurement for p-3He elastic scattering with a 65 MeV polarized proton beam

1st Place: Yuki Kubota
2nd place : Ahmad Jafar Arifi
3rd place : Tian-Wei Wu
APFB special award