Radiation Worker Registration at RCNP for JFY2023

XDFor Researchers at Overseas Institutions that has a Radiation Safety Officer
YDFor Researchers at Overseas Institutions without a Radiation Safety Officer

Joint User and Radiation Worker Registration at RCNP for JFY2024

To use RCNP facility, please fill out the form.
Application Form for a Joint User and Registration Form as a Radiation Worker

For researchers at institutions without a Radiation Safety Officer, please submit two more documents listed below.
1. Health Certificate
(Please refer to Health Surveillance for Radiation Workers Required by Japanese Law and make sure nothing has been omitted before submitting the form.)
2. Certificate of Education and Training for Radiation Workers
(You are required to take new or refresher education and training for radiation workers.)

E-mail: radiation-control@rcnp.osaka-u.ac.jp