1. Workshop on "Physics of Heavy-quark and Exotic Hadrons", 27-29 January, 2020, Tokai, J-PARC.
    1. "Hadron physics at the J-PARC high-momentum beam line", H. Noumi (Invited Talk)


  1. Reimei Symposium on "Synergies in Hadron Physics between J-PARC and JLab", 5 November, 2020, Jefferson Lab., Virginia, USA.
    1. "High-momentum pion beamline at J-PARC and Open Charm Production", H. Noumi (Invited Talk)
  2. XVth RECONTRES du VIETNAM “Perspectives in Hadron Physics", 22-28 September, 2019, ICISE, Quy Nhon, Vietnam
    1. "Production of charmed baryons at J-PARC", H. Noumi (Invited Talk)
  3. 日本物理学会2019年秋季大会 実験核・素実・理論核合同セッション 高エネルギーQCD・核子構造(in Japanese), 17 Sep, 2019, Yamagata, Japan
    1. "J-PARC高運動量ビームで探るハドロンの内部構造"(in Japanese), H. Noumi (Invited Talk)
  4. [[6th Almaty International Workshop on "Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Astrophysics, Cosmic Rays"]], 16-18 April, 2019, al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
    1. "Baryon Spectroscopy with Hadron Beams at J-PARC?", H. Noumi
    2. "The physics E31 experiment to search the Λ(1405) via the d(K-, πƩ) reaction at J-PARC K1.8BR?", Z. Omar
  5. Korea-Japan Joint Workshop on the Present and the Future in Hadron Physics at J-PARC, 4-5 March, 2019, Pukyong National University, Busan, Korea
    1. "Hadron physics with hadron beams at J-PARC?", H. Noumi
  6. The 52nd Reimei Workshop on "Experimental and Theoretical Hadron Physics: Recent Exciting Developments", 9-11 January, 2019, IQBRC, Tokai, Japan
    1. "E50 at High-momentum beamline", H. Noumi (Talk)


  1. 8th International Conference on Quarks and Nuclear Physics (QNP2018), 13-17 November, 2018, Epocal Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Japan
    1. "Experimental study of di-quark correlation by charmed baryon spectroscopy at J-PARC high-momentum secondary beam line", Y. Komatsu (Talk)
  2. RCNP Workshop on "Physics with General Purpose Spectrometer in the High-momentum Beam Line", 27-28 August, 2018, RCNP, Ibaraki, Japan
    1. "overview of J-PARC E50 experiment",H. Noumi (Talk)
    2. "High-momentum beam line for Secondary beams", Y. Komatsu (Talk)
    3. "E50 Spectrometer System", K. Shirotori (Talk)
    4. "Baryon Spectroscopy", K. Shirotori (Talk)
    5. "Hyperon-Nucleon Interaction: YN scattering", R. Honda (Talk)
    6. "Kaonic Nuclei", F. Sakuma (Talk)
    7. "Meson in Nucleus", K. Aoki (Talk)
    8. "Nucleon Structure (Drell-Yan)", K. Nagai (Talk)
    9. "E50 RICH and beam Cherenkov", T. Yamaga (Talk)
    10. "Front-end Modules: E50", T.N. Takahashi (Talk)
    11. "Streaming DAQ: E50", M. Yue (Talk)
  3. International Workshop on the Project for the Extended Hadron Experimental Facility of J-PARC, 26-28 March, 2018, J-PARC, Tokai, Japan
    1. "HIHR Beam Line", Noumi (Talk)
    2. "High-momentum beam line and upgrade plan in the extended hadron hall", H. Noumi(Talk)
    3. "J-PARC E50 Experiment", K. Shirotori (Talk)


  1. ETC* workshop on "Dilepton Productions with Meson and Antiproton Beams", 6-10 November, 2017, ETC*, Trento, Italy
    1. "Charm Physics with Meson Beam at J-PARC", H. Noumi (Talk)
  2. 6th International Conference on New Frontiers in Physics (ICNFP 2017), 17-29 August, 2017, Crete, Greek
    1. "Strange and Charm Baryon Spectroscopy at J-PARC", H. Noumi (Talk)
  3. International Workshop on Strangeness Nuclear Physics, 12-14 March, 2017, Neyagawa, Osaka E-C University.
    1. "Analysis status of the d(K-,n)pi+ Sigma-+ and d(K-,p) pi-Sigma 0 at J-PARC K1.8BR beam line", K. Inoue (Talk)
    2. "Baryon Spectroscopy with Heavy Flavors at J-PARC", H. Noumi (Keynote Talk)
  4. Workshop on "Structures and Interactions of Heavy Quark Hadrons", 1-3 March, 2017, Tokai, J-PARC.
    1. "Spectroscopy of charmed baryon by using hadron beam at J-PARC", K. Shirotori (Talk)
  5. KEK theory center workshop on Hadron and Nuclear Physics in 2017 (KEK-HN-2017),
    1. "Charmed-hadron Physics and Physics of Hadron-hall extension at J-PARC", H. Noumi (Talk)


  1. The 10th APCTP-BLTP/JINR-RCNP-RIKEN Joint Workshop on Nuclear and Hadronic Physics, 17-21 August, 2016, Wako, RIKEN.
    1. "[Exploring diquark correlations by charmed baryon spectroscopy at J-PARC]]", H. Asano (Talk)
  2. The 34th Reimei WorkShop "Physics of Heavy-Ion Collisions at J-PARC", 8-9, August, 2016, Tokai, J-PARC.
    1. "Charmed Baryon Spectroscopy via the (pi,D*-) reactions", H. Noumi (Talk)
  3. The 14th International Conference on Meson-Nucleon Physics and the Structure of the Nucleon (MENU2016), 25-30 July, 2016, Kyoto, Kyoto University.
    1. "Experimental investigation for diquark degrees of freedom in a charmed baryon at J-PARC", T.N. Takahashi (Talk)
    2. "Physics in J-PARC Hadron-hall extension", H. Noumi (Invited Talk)
  4. J-PARC HADRON WORKHOP in 2016, 2-4 March, 2016, Tokai, J-PARC.
    1. "Spectroscopy of charmed baryon at the J-PARC high-momentum beam line", K. Shirotori (Talk)
  5. Physics with Neutral Kaon Beam at JLab Workshop (KL2016), 2-4 Feb., 2016, Newport News, Jefferson Lab.
    1. "Hadron Physics with High-momentum Hadron Beams at J-PARC", H. Noumi (Talk)
  6. The 31st Reimei WorkShop on Hadron Physics in Extreme Conditions at J-PARC, 18-20, Jan., 2016, Advanced Science Reseach Center (ASRC), JAEA Tokai Campus
    1. "Charmed baryon spectroscopy experiment at the J-PARC high-momentum beam line", K. Shirotori (Talk)


  1. XVI International Conference on Hadron Spectroscopy (Hadron2015), 13-20 Sep., 2015, Newport News, Virginia, USA.
    1. "Spectroscopy of charmed baryon resonances at J-PARC", H. Noumi (Talk)
  2. The 12th International Conference on Hypernuclear and Strange Particle Physics (HYP2015), 7-12 Sep., 2015, Sendai, Japan.
    1. "Strange and charm hadron physics at J-PARC", H. Noumi (Plenary talk)
  3. The 9th APCTP-BLTP JINR Joint Workshop on "Modern Problems of Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics", 28 June - 3 July, 2015, Almaty, Kazakhstan
    1. "New Platform for Hadron Physics at RCNP", H. Noumi (invited)
  4. 日本物理学会第70回年次大会 実験核・理論核・素実 合同シンポジウム "多彩な実験プラットフォームによるハドロンの本質的自由度の探求"(in Japanese), 22 Mar, 2015, Waseda, Japan
    1. "J-PARC高運動量ハドロンビームで探るハドロンダイナミクス"(in Japanese), H. Noumi (Invited Talk)
  5. KEK theory center Workshop on "Hadron physics with high-momentum hadron beams at J-PARC in 2015", 11-16 Mar, 2015, KEK(Tsukuba), Japan
    1. "Charmed hadron experiments at J-PARC", H. Noumi (Invited Talk)
  6. Hadrons and Hadron Interactions in QCD 2015 Sympoium, 2-6 Mar, 2015, YKIS, Kyoto, Japan
    1. "Hadron spectroscopy at the J-PARC high-momentum beam line", H. Noumi (Invited Talk)


  1. Workshop on "Progress on J-PARC Hadron Physics in 2014, 30 Nov-2 Dec, 2014, Tokai, Japan
    1. "Experiments of Charmed Baryons at J-PARC", H. Noumi (Invited Talk)
  2. Workshop on "Charmed Hadron and Nuclear Physics, 10-12 Nov, 2014, TITech, Japan
    1. "Heavy Baryon Spectroscopy via Meson-Baryon Collisions", H. Noumi (Invited Talk)
  3. 4th Joint Meeting of the NP Divs of the APS and JPS Mini-symposium on "Baryons with Spatial and Flavor Excitation I", 7-11 Oct, 2014, Hawaii, USA
    1. "Baryon Spectroscopy with Heavy flavors at J-PARC", H. Noumi (Talk)
  4. 2rd International Symposium on "Science at J-PARC", 12-15 July, 2014, Tsukuba, Japan
    1. "Charmed Baryon Spectroscopy Experiment at J-PARC", K. Shirotori (Talk)
  5. 3rd International Workshop on "State of the Art in Nuclear Cluster Physics" (SOTANCP3), 26-30 May, 2014, Yokohama, Japan
    1. "Spectroscopy of charmed baryons at the J-PARC high-momentum beam line", K. Shirotori (Talk)
  6. Hadron Physics Symposium, 17-19 April, 2014, Nagoya University, Japan
    1. "Hadron Spectroscopy with high-momentum secondary beam", M. Naruki (Invited Talk)
  7. KEK theory center Workshop on J-PARC Hadron Physics, 10-12 Feb, 2014, Tokai, Japan
    1. "Charmed Hadron Experiments at J-PARC", H. Noumi (Talk)


  1. 8th International Workshop on Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detectors (RICH 2013), 2-6 Dec, 2013, Hayama, Japan
    1. "Development of PID counter for charmed baryon spectroscopy experiment at J-PARC", T. Yamaga (Poster)
  2. XV International Conference on Hadron Spectroscopy, 4-8 Nov, 2013, Nara, Japan
    1. "Spectroscopic study of charmed baryons at J-PARC", H. Noumi (Plenary talk)
    2. "Spectrometer for the charmed baryon spectroscopy experiment at the J-PARC high-momentum beam line", K. Shirotori (Talk)
  3. The Seventh Symposium on chiral symmetry in Hadron and Nuclei, 27-30 Oct, 2013, Beihang Univ. Beijing, China
    1. "Future Projects at J-PARC:", H. Noumi (Plenary talk)
  4. International Conference on Structure of Baryons, 24-28 Jun, 2013, Glasgow, Scotland
    1. "Charmed baryons and future project at JPARC", H. Noumi (Plenary talk)


  1. The 20th International IUPAP Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics, 20-25 Aug, 2012, Fukuoka, Japan
    1. "Hadron Experimental Facility at J-PARC", H. Noumi (Plenary talk)

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